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Wall - Industrial Ventilation Fans

Model C (Includes belt drive models CBH and CBC and direct drive model CDC)
Size: 24” – 84”
CFM: 4,500 – 118,000
Hp: ½ – 20

Type C wall ventilation fans are economically efficient general industrial fans. These propeller fans are designed for substantial air movement in both intake and emission. Suggested uses include commercial installations such as warehouses, schools, hospitals, parking garages and industrial uses such as process plants, wastewater treatment plants and manufacturing facilities. Durable wall industrial ventilation fans are made in a variety of sizes and performance classes with a large range of accessories available. Most wall ventilation fans have a variable pitch motor pulley for speed adjustment.

Supply Fans / Make-up Air Units

Supply fans are generally called “make-up air” ventilators. They are used to relieve the negative air pressure that’s created when fumes, smoke, dust, and other contaminants are exhausted from a building. If you neglect to introduce sufficient makeup air into a building, negative air pressure will actually negate much of the effectiveness of your exhaust fans. During hot weather, make-up air units become a valuable source of fresh, cooler, outside air in commercial and industrial environments by replacing the super heated air being exhausted. These units are either wall or roof-mounted, designed by your engineers according to usage and individual installations.

Coolair Industrial Ventilation Guide

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