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Tube Axial Fans

Model T (Includes models TEBH belt drive and TEDH direct drive)
CFM: 2,000 - 80,000
Size (Belt Drive): 18” – 84”
Size (Direct Drive): 18” – 60”

High performance, economically efficient and reliable tube axial fans are suited for ducted fan commercial and industrial needs, including exhausting hot or contaminated air or serving as make-up air ventilation systems, return air fans, or booster fans. Model T fans can endure static pressures up to 2 inches and are available in a variety of CFMs and either belt or direct drive. The motor, bearings and belt of the belt drive model are external to the airstream for use in contaminated and high temperature commercial and industrial environments. The bearings of the belt drive model are lubricated for extended service. The direct drive model includes a motor inside the air stream, contains no bearings or belts that require maintenance, and is longer lasting and more efficient than the belt drive model.

The tube axial fan housing and motor supports are made of heavy gauge steel plate for maximum strength and durability. The motor is totally enclosed on all models and available in various speeds for the direct drive models. Also available for tube axial fans are explosion proof motors, severe duty motors, energy efficient motors, and two-speed motors.

Die-formed aluminum blades are standard, and steel blades are optional. The painted parts of the tube axial fan are protected with an epoxy coating rated excellent for hardness, impact resistance, adhesion and chemical resistance. The speed of most model T fans can be adjusted with the variable pitch motor pulley.

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