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Duct Axial Fans - Mixed Air Flow

Model MX
Size: 12” – 24”
CFM: Up to 30,000

When simple maintenance is required in an industrial environment, Coolair's MX series fan offers the solution. Mixed air flow duct axial fans are hybrids exhibiting both the pressure of a centrifugal fan and the volume flow of an axial fan. They meet ducted fan needs in a quiet, economically and aerodynamically efficient and dependable manner, even in hot or contaminated commercial and industrial environments. 

The heavy gauge steel plate construction of the fan and motor, combined with the heavy gauge welded steel wheel and the angle ring flanges make the duct axial fan exceptionally durable. The axial impeller is spark resistant and made of cast aluminum airfoil. All of those parts are reinforced with an epoxy coating. Duct axial fans also include a TEFC industrial duty motor, factory set adjustable pitch blades, and air-dried enamel paint finish.

Mixed air-flow duct axial fans can be externally mounted. Commercial and industrial applications include process ventilation, in-line duct boosting, fume/dust/smoke removal, and general ventilation.

Coolair Industrial Ventilation Guide

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