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Maxiflo Pulse Cartridge Collector

High-performance, modular down flow cartridge dust collector Maxiflo and Maxiflo MC (for smaller applications)

Not Available Online

MAXIFLO cartridge collectors are especially designed for welding fumes, sanding or buffing applications, sandblast or light particles filtration. Highly efficient cartridges allow recirculation of clean air back in the facility resulting in energy savings.

In addition, the unique design of MAXIFLO cartridge yokes are designed to sustain 20% more weight than the actual stress of a clogged up cartridge. This allows permanent and perfect cartridge alignment without yoke sagging or cracking.

Pulse cleaning systems are available with timers or pressure differential controllers.
Dust storage options vary from low profile drawers to high capacity drums and containers. Safety features such as explosion venting doors, blow back and/or abort dampers, spark detection systems are available when the collector is designed to be used with reactive material.

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