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AGET Oil Mist Collectors

These are capturing the machining mist from these surface grinders then returning the oil back into the machine sump. Each unit is about 1000-1200 CFM.

AGET MISTKOP mist collectors are a simple, high efficiency solution for virtually any mist collection requirement. Mist is drawn into the collector by the integral exhauster, forcing contaminated air into a specially compressed fiberglass filter that removes mist, returning filtered air to the workplace. Mist is collected, drained, and recycled back to the machine.

Depending on the application, one MISTKOP can service up to 6 machines simultaneously. With the exhauster mounted on the bottom and enclosed by a unit frame, MISTKOP collection units are commonly placed on top or beside the machine, or suspended from the ceiling for easy connection to multiple machines. 

MISTKOP units are an efficient, cost-effective way to improve air quality for employees working in a manufacturing environment.


  • Spark-resistant, aluminum alloy, direct drive fan wheel
  • Structural steel welded unit frame on all bottom mounted fan models
  • Powder coated, durable long lasting finish
  • Heavy duty industrial grade construction
  • TEFC continuous-duty industrial motor (standard voltage of 230/460-3-60, 3600 RPM)
  • Dense, high efficiency filter material generally lasting 6 to 12 months
  • Space saving compact unit design for easy mounting or suspended installation
  • Bottom mounted fan units allow for easy filter change with no tools required.
    Standard sizes: range from 1/3 HP to 7 ½ HP
    Capacity range: 200 – 2700 CFM
    Common applications: bakery processing, CNC machining centers, screw machines, OD grinders, part washers, etc.


  • Optional double inlet design for multiple machine connection
  • Special motor options and voltages available
  • Secondary filter (FM-1) to capture smoke and super-fine mist particles*
    *Note: due to added resistance, larger filter assembly may be required.
  • Third stage HEPA filter with exhaust shell (not available on top mounted fan units)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Special filter material types available for specific applications
  • Exhaust shell for exterior discharge
  • Special paint (2-part epoxy, other colors, etc.)
  • Job specific modifications
  • Mounting frame available for overhead suspension
  • Double high filter assembly available for increased filter life and filtration efficiency

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