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Industrial Dust Collection Products

What we can do for overall air quality leaves everybody else in the dust.

Bedson REPS Reliable Air Quality Products provides industrial process smoke collection systems, weld fume collectors, dust collectors, and oil mist collection products for CNC machines. These collectors come in several forms. The first is the dust cartridge collector, which is used to collect dry fine particles such as welding smoke, process, and grinding dust.

The second type of collectors are cyclone collectors and bag-houses. These collectors separate heavy particles such as wood chips and conveyed materials. These work through a spinning motion to spin out the dust and then send the remaining particles to a bag-house for final filtration.

Finally the mist collector. These use precipitation type filters to collect the oil mist or moisture particles and then allow them to drop our into a containment area.

All of these collectors are not the only part of Reliable Air Quality that will make a difference in your building or warehouse. They help clean up your facility environment, we also provide air and electric powered portable and central Industrial vacuum units for general clean up and housekeeping issues your plant might be facing.

Bedson REPS also offers a complete line of replacement dust collection filters for all manufacturers of dust collection equipment.

Whatever your air quality issue is, Bedson REPS has the right solution for you. We proudly serve the cities of Memphis, Nashville, Birmingham, and the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. Give us a call or drop us an email.

Please call us at (800) 443-5858 or send us an email to discuss your needs and we'll work with you to provide the right solutions! Or click below to request more information.

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