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Winter and Productivity: How to Boost Production During the Cold Winter Months

Are you seeing a decrease in productivity as the Winter settles in?

Bitter cold temperatures loom in the Mid-South, threatening our temperate weather with blustery cold. A colder than normal winter has a great impact on our day-to-day operations and impact processes in our daily life as well as in industrial and commercial industries.

In fact, controlling the environment in which your facility operates can provide a boost in productivity during these harsh winter months. According to Smart Planet, operating a bright and warm facility goes much further than increased production hours. Use these tips to keep your facility running smoothly this winter.

1- Bright Light

Allowing in Natural light and reducing areas with dim lighting or overly artificial lights can have a major influence on productivity. In fact, in a recent study by scientist Mirjam Muench, when comparing two groups of people under both natural light and artificial, it was found that employees with artificial lighting deemed themselves 'sleepier' than their countersubjects who were exposed to natural light.

In addition to the sleepiness, it was found that cortisol levels dropped significantly under artificial or poor lighting, which can lead to more stress and less ability to stabilize energy levels.

2- Stabilize Cold Working Environments

In a study by Cornell, it was found that "when temperatures were low (below 68 degrees) employees made 44% more mistakes than at optimal room temperature (77 degrees)." The reasoning for this is that more energy is being spent to keep warm, rather than on the intended task.

How does this affect your production? If your employees are focused on their external environment, can you foresee how that would lead to a decrease in productivity? Having a well equipped industrial heating system in place can prevent the decrease.

3- Heat Equals Happiness

As if increased productivity wasn't enough, researchers also found that warm, bright environments also increased happiness in employees. The Cornell study gave people heating pads or ice packs to hold on to, and found that people with warm hands had "higher job satisfaction and greater willingness to buy from and work at companies" than did their cold-handed counterparts.

The reasoning behind this is that the brain has difficulty in differentiating physical sensations with psychological ones. Putting employees in less desirable environments affects not only their core temperature, but also their mood.

Industrial Heating Solutions Can Help!

Monitoring these three factors can keep your facility running at optimum production and maintain your employee satisfaction. An efficient industrial heating system that is designed specifically for your factory can help regain control of your production levels and help eliminate the winter slug.

To learn more about Bedson's industrial heating solutions, contact one of our experts today.

Posted by Larry Bennett at 8:10 AM

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