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What Can Bedson REPS Do For You - Industrial Business Equipment

1. Fix Industrial Ventilation and Dust Collection Problems

Bedson REPS doesn’t just sell products; we solve problems. Bedson REPS helps builders and contractors identify the equipment they need and works to advise them on installation and ductwork tailored to specific industries.

Our Memphis team will even visit your construction zone to thoroughly inspect problems and offer appropriate solutions for the equipment you need. From industrial ventilation and heating, to commercial HVAC and dust collection systems, we have the knowledge and the tools to help you safely move clean air at the correct temperature throughout your facility.




2. Keep Your Air Clean

Bedson REPS provides a variety of industrial ventilation systems to meet the air circulation requirements of your building and those who will work in it. We recognize that every environment is different, so we will design a ventilation system that meets your unique needs in the most economically and environmentally efficient manner.

Some work environments are extremely hot and full of contaminants, in which case something like the tube axial fan might be appropriate, whereas the stainless steel and washdown duty air circulation fans are well-suited to wet environments. You might even need an industrial ventilator with a bird screen in the form of the centrifugal downblast ventilator.




3. Keep Your Air Cool

Commercial HVAC Installation

Bedson REPS has years of quality experience in the Commercial HVAC industry. Rest assured we’ll design a dependable Commercial HVAC system customized to satisfy your building’s unique demands.

Whether you need a system with a vertical or horizontal orientation, an air-cooled or water-cooled model, a rooftop or outdoor unit, single or dual upflow and horizontal circuited coils, or a condensing and recirculation function, we have an energy efficient solution for you in whatever airflow range your space requires.

Commercial HVAC Maintenance

Additionally, we simplify routine HVAC maintenance by also offering an extensive variety of filter replacements whenever you need them.




3. Keep Your Air Warm

Industrial Heating Systems

Bedson REPS offers an array of industrial heating systems and an expertise in discerning which type of equipment will keep your particular building warm when it needs to be. We will ensure that your industrial heating system is both safely suited for your environment and financially efficient for your budget.

Types of Industrial Heating Systems

Some of our industrial heating categories include gas fired or electric unit heaters, as well as chilled and heated water coils. Heating needs for small, specific areas can be met by Bedson REPS selection of gas or electric infrared heaters, which produce infrared beams that quickly and efficiently warm their immediate environment.

A larger category consisting of industrial HVAC direct and indirect fired air handling units and indirect fired air turnover units serve a variety of indoor and outdoor applications in horizontal and vertical orientations. A notable attribute of one of these systems, the Addison Indirect Fired Air Turnover Unit, is its ability to maintain temperature variations of only 3 to 5 degrees throughout an entire workspace.




5. Protect Your Employees and Investments

Industrial Wood Dust Prevention

Dust collection is a very serious problem in the workplace. Recent studies have shown a direct link between exposure to wood dust and cancer as well as other particle dust and early mortality due to cancer.

We can also offer you cleaning tools like industrial vacuum systems and suction technology such as downdraft tables and benches that absorb dust, smoke, and fume particles before they contaminate your environment. When you’re ready for a replacement dust collection filter, we offer those as well.

From filtering oil mist to collecting smoke, dust, fumes and heavy particles from your environment, Bedson REPS Dust Collection products serve a variety of purposes.

If oil mist is your issue, precipitation filters funnel moisture out of your workplace and into a confined space. If you need fine particles like welding fumes or grinding dust gathered in your space, the cartridge collector is likely your solution. To remove heavy particles such as wood chips from your space, cyclone collectors that feed into bag-houses could be your best option.

Industrial Earthquake Protection + Seismic Restraints

When seismic activity occurs in the form of an earthquake or a severe storm, seismic restraints help industrial equipment withstand movement and avoid damaging the surrounding environment or harming the people operating it. From cable restraints for suspended piping and curb supports for rooftop units to spring isolation mountings and hangers that limit your equipment’s range of motion, Bedson REPS carries an assortment of seismic restraints that protect your employees and equipment.

Memphis Environmental Systems Experts

If you’re in need of industrial ventilation, dust collection equipment, commercial HVAC systems, industrial heating, or seismic restraints, Bedson REPS is committed to designing custom solutions for your building. We’re proud to serve not only Memphis and other Tennessee areas, but also surrounding sections of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Please call us at 1-888-229-1917 or contact our Memphis office today to discuss how we can meet and exceed your needs with our wide variety of quality products and expert advice.




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