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The Rundown on Micro Air Downdraft Tables

What are Downdraft Tables?

Downdraft tables, also known as downdraft benches, are ideal work equipment benches used to create safe work environments ideal for industries with a focus on welding, sanding, and other processes that may produce hazardous air-borne particles. With built-in ventilation, downdraft tables help provide quality air control in industrial settings, allowing workers to complete their jobs safely and more efficiently.


Why Does My Plant Need a Downdraft Table?

As a business owner or plant manager, it is of the utmost importance to keep your employees and work environment as safe as possible. In light of past tragedies, we at Bedson REPS want to provide you with the best equipment to help prevent dangerous working conditions. 

Employee Safety

It is incredibly important for plant managers and employees to be aware of the dangers of working with hazardous materials. In the past, businesses have avoided and disregarded safety regulations put in place for their own benefit. However, this can lead to fatal disasters in the workplace. Airborne particles can easily form combustible dust, leading to a potential fire or explosion. However, with the help of safety equipment like Micro Air Downdraft Tables, you can help prevent workplace tragedies. 

Saving Money

Because airborne particles have the ability to produce explosions and/or fires, disregarding safety regulations can cause a loss of life and a loss of income. Not only are you risking the loss of expensive equipment, buildings, and materials, you are also risking a potential lawsuit against your business for unsafe work environments. Investing in reliable safety equipment is the best option for the future of your employees and business. 


Why Should I Use Micro Air Downdraft Tables?

At Bedson REPS, we work to provide our customers with the best equipment on the market in order to keep the workplace safe and efficient. Micro Air offers a top-notch line of downdraft tables that meet the needs of each individual customer. We truly believe Micro Air Downdraft Tables are some of the best on the market, and here’s why. 


One great aspect of Micro Air Downdraft Tables is the ability to meet the unique needs of every customer. It is no surprise that every work environment is different. Therefore, Micro Air Downdraft Tables are built to work for you. With a variety of shapes and sizes, these tables can be used in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Freestanding work

  • Connected to other equipment

  • Alongside other downdraft tables


Unlike other downdraft tables on the market, Micro Air Downdraft Tables are able to fit into a multitude of work environments. Some tables are built for only welding or sanding. However, Micro Air tables offer your company the best option for every finishing process including: 

  • Burnishing

  • Buffing

  • Welding

  • Sanding


With guidelines and regulations to follow, it’s important for plant managers to stay up-to-date on the safety of their work space and employees. Therefore, they should be concerned with the reliability of the equipment they choose to invest in. Micro Air is a distributor who has been in the industry for over 30 years, continuing to provide businesses with sturdy and reliable equipment for the safety of workers. Micro Air’s main goal is to keep industrial and commercial plants safe by providing products for air control, dust collection, spark arrestors, and more. Because Micro Air has been around for a long period of time, they have continued to improve and update products that impress businesses. 


Downdraft Tables at Bedson REPS

The team at Bedson REPS provides our customers with top-notch equipment that works to provide industrial and commercial buildings with a safe work environment. From dust collection systems to heating/cooling systems, Bedson REPS has it all.


We firmly believe Micro Air Downdraft Tables are some of the best on the market, delivering a multitude of workspaces with quality air control and worker safety. With a variety of shapes and sizes, Bedson REPS can provide your business with downdraft tables and benches suitable for the environment. 


If you’re interested in viewing our collection of Micro Air Downdraft Tables, check them out here

For questions, comments, and concerns about our products or how we can better meet your needs, contact us today.

Posted by L Bennett at 4:30 PM

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