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Oil Mist Fire in Chattanooga- Don't Let this Happen in Your Factory!

A Wrigley plant in Chattanooga caught fire last month as a result of a an oil mist present in the factory. With the correct equipment in place, the fire was quickly contained and allowed workers to reenter the plant. 

As combustible dust explosions and fires continue to destroy property and kill and injure workers across a range of industries, the NFPA will be issuing a new standard on the requirements for managing combustible dust hazards. The NFPA 652: Standard of Combustible Dusts will provide the basic principles of and requirements for identifying and managing the fire and explosion hazards of combustible dusts and particulate solids. 

Preventing fires in your plant should be of utmost importance in your plant safety plans, and an oil mist collector is the key. Oil mist collectors take highly flammable toxins, such as fine dust byproduct from your plant and remove them from the air, reducing the chances for spontaneous rupture. These oil mist collection systems help contain the dust and reduce the change that fire can reach them. Should the dusts combust within the system, the damage and recovery process is much less strenuous and often easier.

Do You Need a Dust Collection System?

If your facility produces a product and as a result releases a small dust-like byproduct such as an oil, powder, metal shaving, wood dust or similar waste product, your facility may be susceptible to fire, employee injury or severe damage. Our wide array of dust collection systems can get the clutter out of your way, creating a safer, better environment for your company. Our dust collection systems effectively capture oil, dust and powder mist and are calibrated and arranged to fit your facility for peak performance.

To speak with a dust collection expert or to learn about how dust may be a risk in your facility, click below.

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Posted by Larry Bennett at 10:34 AM

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