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News Release: Bedson Reps Adds Hartzell Air Movement to Product Offerings - See more at: http://www.

Leadership at Bedson REPS announced today that an agreement has been reached with Hartzell Air Movement that names Bedson REPS as a new manufacture’s sales representative office in Memphis, TN, Jackson, MS and eastern Arkansas.

Bedson REPS currently offers products within the industrial ventilation and air processing markets, specifically to automotive, timber, food processing and steel industries. The staff’s extensive knowledge regarding fans, dust collection systems and industrial heating products will ensure an easy transition into the distribution of Hartzell industrial fans.

“We are proud to add Hartzell Air Movement to our product line,” said Bedson REPS Principal, Bill McWatters. “It will greatly benefit both existing and future customers, as we will be able to offer a more complete ventilation package, based on the specific needs for each client.”

Bedson REPS is a company not only dedicated to great environmentally responsible products such as Hartzell Air Movement, but also to offering the complete and customized solutions to customer problems.

“Bedson REPS is a perfect addition to our sales force,” added Hartzell Air Movement’s Director of Sales, Chuck Abramson. “They have a proven history and a dedicated sales team, capable of going above and beyond to service the customers in their markets.”

About Bedson REPS
Established in 1976, Bedson REPS currently serves as a leader within the industrial ventilation and dust collection business. The company currently offers complete line of industrial ventilation fans, man cooling fans and pressure blowers. Bedson REPS also provides fume, smoke, dust and oil/coolant mist collection equipment to clients in Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Alabama. For more information, please visit www.bedsonreps.com.

About Hartzell Air Movement
Hartzell Air Movement is a leading manufacturer of industrial air moving solutions to a variety of markets throughout the world. The company manufactures in Ohio, Indiana and Singapore. Hartzell has been in business since 1875. For more information, please visit www.hartzellairmovement.com.
Posted by Larry Bennett at 2:22 PM

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