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MacroAir Launches New HVLS Fans

MacroAir, the company credited as the inventors of high volume low speed fans has reinvented the HVLS industrial fan category with their new product line, AirVolution-D. MacroAir's new line of products is powered through an innovative technology for the motor, called D-Drive.
D-Drive is the first "compact electric motor capable of handling the consistent torque requirement" of a large industrial fan. This new design delivers 50% more horsepower and 75% more wind power than current HVLS fans on the market.

With the advanced design, this new change in the market is a more powerful, but lighterweight fan. With less moving parts, this new HVLS fan offers more reliability and efficiency for your factory. In addition, they are quieter and require less space to operate.

With the improvement of the size and space required for hardware, the AirVolution-D line is available in more sizes than ever before and can fit in rooms with ceilings as low as 12-feet, and is customizable into any color to blend aesthetically in any space.

Read below to learn how MacroAir beats the competition.

Power: Among HVLS Fans, AirVolution-D has the highest overall efficiency. It delivers 50% more mechanical horsepower that translates to 75% greater wind power.

AirBrain Processor: Inside AirVolution-D is a smart processor that acts as the brain behind the fan which can automatically adjust to different power sources and allow users to access real time performance analytics.

Highest Efficiency: Even with a smaller profile, the D-Drive motor was specifically designed to perform longer and stronger. Moving air 50% more efficiently and generating 25% more thrust at the same input power than the leading competitor, costing just pennies a day to operate.

D-Drive Smart Motor: AirVolution-D’s electric direct-drive motor uses a non- conventional electromagnetic system that represents a breakthrough in torque management, with minimal heat generation while providing high constant torque.

45 Percent Lighter: By comparison to current 24’ fans, AirVolution-D is 150 pounds lighter. By eliminating the gearbox, this loss of weight reduces load-stress and results in a sleeker aesthetic.

50,000-Hour Warranty: AirVolution-D fans are designed to perform longer than any HVLS fan on the market. Run it at any speed, in any environment, and if anything needs repair, MacroAir will fix it or replace it free within 50,000 hours of use—that’s more than 24 years in a typical installation. An industry first.

Bedson Reps offers a complete line of MacroAir products that are suited to provide efficient cooling and air-movement systems for your factory or warehouse. The AirVolution-D line is offered in three models: the 370, 550 and 780, ranging from small spaces to large heavy-duty applications. To learn more about how MacroAir Fans can work in your facility, contact our Mid-South MacroAir experts.

Posted by Larry Bennett at 9:22 AM

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