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Is Industrial Ventilation Necessary?

Industrial ventilation is essential for commercial businesses whose operations require employees to be in contact with potentially toxic airborne substances or flammable vapors created during the production of various goods and services. Industrial ventilation works to both protect workers from illness and injury caused by flammable substances and dirty air and to prevent equipment failure and dust collection that can result in fire hazards and costly repairs.

Industrial ventilation is often used to remove a variety of substances and fumes from the air, including:

  • Welding Fumes
  • Solvent Vapors
  • Oil Mists
  • Dust

Industrial ventilation systems are also necessary for commercial operations due to state and federal guidelines regarding employee working conditions. OSHA provides a set of standards all industrial organizations are expected to follow on how to properly ventilate a facility.

Dust explosions are a very real danger and continue to cause concern due to a lack of ventilation. Just a few of the recent examples of failure to properly ventilate include:

All of these serve as examples of why it’s essential to monitor the quality of your facility’s air. Unsure whether or not you have combustible dust in your facility? Read more on this on the Occupational Health and Safety website.


Do I need an Industrial Ventilation system?

If your facility produces an air contaminant such as chemical vapors, mists or another hazardous byproduct, an industrial ventilation facility can help keep your work area safe for your employees. Our team will review your facility and make recommendations designed to custom fit your facility. To learn how a ventilation system can fit into your existing facility or to plan for a new system, contact one of our ventilation consultants today.


Do I Need a Dust Collection System?

If your facility produces a dust-like byproduct such as an oil, powder, metal shaving, wood dust or similar waste product, your facility may be susceptible to fire, employee injury, and/or severe damage. Our wide array of dust collection systems can get the clutter out of your way, creating a safer environment for your company. Our dust collection systems effectively capture oil, dust and powder mist and are calibrated and arranged to fit your facility for peak performance.


Memphis Environmental Systems Experts

If you’re in need of industrial ventilation, dust collection equipment, commercial HVAC systems, industrial heating, or seismic restraints, Bedson REPS is committed to designing custom solutions for your building. We’re proud to serve not only Memphis and other Tennessee areas, but also surrounding sections of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

Please call us at 1-888-229-1917 or contact our Memphis office today to discuss how we can meet and exceed your needs with our wide variety of quality products and expert advice.



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