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Fall and Winter are Coming- Is your Facility or Warehouse's Industrial Heating Products Ready?

Are you prepared for the colder months ahead?

With the summer quickly ending and our colder months just around the corner, now is the time to start thinking about industrial heating in your facility. Often times factories work to keep their employees safe and comfortable in the summer, but the same care should be taken throughout the rest of the year. With temperatures in Tennessee reaching below 25 degrees Fahrenheit, and other places experiencing the coldest winters in history, industrial heating is more important than ever.

Our industrial heating solutions are available throughout Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and come in a variety of applications for any factory or warehouse.

Which Heating Source is Right for Me?

Unit Heaters- Delivering high energy efficiency and performance, unit heaters are a great solution for heating commercial and industrial applications. These heaters are typically used in areas with high ceilings. Unit heaters are also cost efficient and heat large volume areas without requiring duct systems. Unit heaters can use natural gas, propane or electricity.

Replacement Water Coils- Hot water coils provide safe temperature increases inside ducted HVAC systems. These coils are designed for indoor air heating and use hot water or steam to transmit heat, performing in both replacement and new construction applications.

Industrial HVAC Air Handling Equipment- Air handling and air turnover units are available for indoor and outdoor settings. Air handling units use generated or recycled air depending on the application and are a high efficiency way to provide heat to industrial plants, warehouses, and other manufacturing spaces and more.

Infrared Heaters & Heating Equipment- Used typically in low ceiling applications, high intensity and low intensity infrared heaters can provide direct heat that is evenly distributed throughout a work area or can be used as spot heaters for certain areas and applications. These are great for quick, focused heat such as factory lines, fully heating up within 30 seconds. Typically IR heaters a very efficient.

Still not sure which heating solution you need? Our team of professionals can give you a no-risk consultation to identify the needs of your business. To learn more, visit our industrial heating page.
Posted by Larry Bennett at 10:56 AM

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