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Exhaust Systems Save Operational Costs

Have dust, fumes, smoke, vapors, mists, and odors become a problem in your facility? Whether expelling harmful chemical fumes or just cooling your facility to increase employee efficiency, an industrial exhaust system designed for your facility can maximize employee protection, improves housekeeping and saves operational costs.

Exhaust systems are made of pipes that connect hoods to industrial chimneys through other components of exhaust systems like fans, collectors, etc. They bring the unwanted material out of the facility or into a collection area, taking it away from main work areas. These exhaust systems are not part of an HVAC system but do provide a process for air movement.

Adequate ventilation in any workplace is good for health and productivity. Benefits of exhaust systems include:

1. Reduced electricity usage as well as resources used in maintaining clean working conditions.
2. Reduction in airborne illness due to hazardous substances.
3. Increase in productivity in a comfortable working environment.

Our industrial fan products are all American made and used throughout Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas, & Oklahoma to cool and ventilate industrial and warehouse spaces.

Adding in an exhaust system must be skillfully done, as each fan must be placed strategically to correctly capture airflow for transport. Our team of skilled experts have the precision and know-how to create a solution that will help keep your facility safe.

Custom designed hoods and ducting combined with the properly sized fans and filtration equipment guarantees you a system that will create a safe workplace with a minimum investment.

For more specific answers to questions about our industrial ventilation fans, please give us a call at 800-443-5858 or send us an email through our contact page.
Posted by Larry Bennett at 10:53 AM

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