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Don't Cut Corners on Dust-Fume Collection in Your Facilities

Business owners and facility managers have to consider the bottom line when making capital expenditure decisions. However, a low bid today can lead to very costly implications for your facility in the long run.

Some vendors offer undersized systems in order to come in at a lower price and just get your business. It is important to select a company with not only the right price point, but the right solution for the size and demand of your unique facility.

Similarly, any vendor that comes in with a large, expensive proposal should have the data, research and reasoning specific to your business to back up their solution.

Whether the personnel charged with designing your dust-fume collection system is in house or through an outside vendor, they should have quantifiable experience in design, installation and maintaining dust-fume collection systems.

In order to ensure that your bidding or buying process goes as smoothly as possible, it is important to do the following: 

  • Research. Try to independently gain an understanding of how dust-fume collection systems operate. While conducting research, make a list of questions, including those specific to your facility, that you may have and ensure that your vendor(s) provide quality, detailed answers to your questions.
  • Check. Review the numbers and the calculations provided within any bid. Ensure that the figures match industry standards and meet your specific facility needs.
  • Compare. Don’t limit your pricing process to a single vendor. By soliciting pricing from more than one source, you should be able to identify any gaps or discrepancies. Then, you can ask questions and make a more informed decision.

A dust-fume collection system may appear to be cost effective on paper, but if it is revealed after implementation that it does not function at the proper level, the time and dollar investment is rendered virtually useless. Then, you’re left to begin the process over again and could double, or even triple, your initial cost.

Allow Bedson REPS to assess your facility and its risk(s) in order to identify any hazards in your business. Then, we will be able to provide you with the steps to take to control those risks and keep your team safe.

Posted by Larry Bennett at 1:54 PM

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