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Case Study: How Workplace Ventilation Can Improve Employee Productivity

Case Study: How Workplace Ventilation Can Improve Employee Productivity

Improving employee productivity is at the top of the list when it comes to critical objectives for just about any business — large or small. When you factor in that employee salaries typically account for more than 90 percent of total operational spending, it’s no wonder businesses are continually seeking ways to improve productivity and control expenses. For facilities managers and other individuals tasked with this challenge, it’s essential to examine every aspect of the work environment and understand where improvements can be made. Oftentimes, employee productivity trends follow shifts in employee satisfaction — meaning that as the overall happiness and contentment of the workforce increase so, too, does their productivity.

Why Does Ventilation Matter?

It’s no secret that air temperature can have a drastic effect on an employee’s overall satisfaction at work. In fact, workers often report that an uncomfortable office or facility temperature can be a major distraction to their daily tasks. Specifically, high temperatures and high humidity levels can hinder focus and comfort, making it difficult to perform tasks at the desired rate and quality. Additionally, CO2 levels — which increase as temperatures rise — can reduce cognitive function and overall productivity. When you put all of this together, the result can be disgruntled, overly-tired employees who feel less motivated to do their best.

How Can Ventilation Improve Employee Productivity and Satisfaction?

A Commercial Ventilation Case Study 


Recently, Bedson REPS had the opportunity to work with a company located in Ripley, Tennessee to evaluate and improve indoor air temperatures within the facility. The custom injection molding company was in need of a ventilation solution to reduce the high heat load emitted from the facility equipment. The higher temperatures within the facility were creating unnecessary stress on the workforce, and as a result, the company was experiencing an increase in employee turnover. Employees reported feeling unusually tired and less productive, and the company needed to find a cost-effective ventilation solution to help alleviate the heat load. 


Bedson REPS worked with the company to understand their airflow needs and determine the best type and placement of ventilation. The experts at Bedson REPS surveyed the plant for heat loads and then created a ventilation plan. The new commercial ventilation system took advantage of fresh outdoor air to reduce the high temperatures in the facility — using cooler air at an exchange rate of eight air changes per hour to reduce heat and increase the flow of fresh, cool air. 


Bedson REPS worked with the company to find the most cost-effective and efficient means for installation. Placement of the wall and roof-mounted ventilation units required that our industrial ventilation experts get creative — engaging a helicopter to set the roof fans. When compared to traditional installation using a crane, this option was easier and less expensive, which saved the company time and money. 


The final result was a dramatic temperature reduction, as well as an overall increase in clean air being filtered through the facility. After installation, employees reported feeling much more comfortable at work, and they felt the lower temperatures allowed them to be more productive. 


Industrial Air and Ventilation Systems in Memphis, TN | Bedson REPS

Bedson REPS is a leading provider of commercial ventilation systems for facilities of all sizes. We offer reliable industrial and warehouse ventilation systems that provide better air circulation — increasing productivity, improving air quality, and elevating employee health in the workplace. Our team of industrial ventilation experts services areas across the Mid-South including much of Tennessee (Memphis and Nashville); northern Mississippi (Oxford); Arkansas (Little Rock), Alabama (Birmingham), and parts of Oklahoma. They pair industry knowledge with advanced technology to help you achieve clean, efficient, and safe air quality within your office or industrial facility. From air filtration to commercial ventilation and purification systems, we are here to help you find cost-effective and operationally smart solutions to achieve peak performance in your facility. 

Contact our team today to get started. We have offices in Memphis, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; Nashville, Tennessee; and Benton, Arkansas. 

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