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Bedson Reps Now Offering New Dust Collection and Air Ventilation Products from Industrial Maid

Dust explosions are a major risk factor in factories throughout the country. From metal workshops to powder bulk producers, the presence of dust in a factory can reach critical levels and when introduced to an ignition source can cause explosions that can cause mass casualties and massive damage to your factory. Can you afford the downtime that comes with recovering from a dust explosion?

Industrial Made | Dust Collector | Bedson REPSTo prevent dust explosions, we help businesses install an oil mist and dust collection system in place that fits with their factory and effectively captures the harmful dusts. In order to continue to bring the best products and services to the market for dust collection in the Mid-South, we are proud to announce we have partnered with Industrial Maid to carry their full line of dust collection and air ventilation products.

Industrial Maid brings together an environmentally sound business model with the best in air vents, to create products that your company can feel good about using. The products manufactured and assembled by Industrial Maid include commercial air cleaners, industrial air cleaners, robotic hood systems, environmental work booths, down draft benches and oil mist collection units. All of these products are designed to collect smoke, fumes, mist or other fugitive dusts in commercial and industrial environments.

Using an Industrial Maid system from Bedson REPS gives your facility peace of mind and offers employees a safe, dependable working environment. This improves productivity, morale and can have a big impact on your business.

To learn more about our partnership with Industrial Maid, take a look at this Industrial Maid brochure to discover all we can provide or contact our Bedson Reps team to start planning a dust collection system in your facility.

Posted by Larry Bennett at 5:02 PM

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