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Are You Ready for a Season of Severe Weather?

Seismic restraints and supports keep your building secure.

With summer season upon us, most of us will enjoy the warm, sunny weather and clear skies. Here in the south, we have the fortune of experiencing milder winter weather with severe heat during the summer. We’re also accustomed to severe weather in many forms during the summer months- from rain showers with heavy winds to tornadoes and even effects from hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico.

Unfortunately, many of us are all too familiar with natural disasters and the devastation they can bring. Irreparable damage costs millions of dollars in cleanup and replacement and often times businesses and factories never fully recover. This past April, a tornado ripped through the town of Athens, Alabama, flattening the entire neighborhood, with homes and businesses alike. 

The Limestone County Emergency Management Agency reported at least $2.75 million in tornado damage during the April storm. A massive $2 billion in property damage was accrued in May 2013 as a massive tornado ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, displacing a 17-mile stretch of schools, homes and businesses.

In addition to high wind and tornadic activity, the United States Geological Survey has published the following map of the highest seismic hazard areas in the United States; it’s alarming to note just how much of the country could feel the effects from seismic activity.

Seismic Hazard Area | US Geo Survey

Would your factory or warehouse building withstand the elements that come with natural disaster? Would you be able to ensure your equipment stays in place and that your employees would safely be able to return to work after the impending storm?

Bedson Reps offers a variety of HVAC vibration isolation and wind/seismic restraint equipment. From seismic restraints and non-penetrating roof supports to noise and vibration control, we have answers for all of your equipment stability needs. Our team of professionals can offer a full-service solution for you that will help your building continue to function after a natural disaster.

Our web site has several product overviews and serves as a sampling of the products which best answer your needs. To get a complete view of the solutions right for your building and equipment, call Bedson Reps to discuss at 1-800-443-5858.

Posted by Larry Bennett at 11:16 AM

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