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5 Reasons to Have Your Dust Tested

Reasons to Have Your Dust Tested

Many businesses make the mistake of failing to realize that having their dust tested can make a world of a difference in long-term operating procedures. Dust tests are implemented in order to keep the building, employees, and equipment safe at all times. Preventing a tragedy from occurring can stem from one routine dust test. There are many reasons to test your dust that will save you money and time in the future. 

1. Insurance

If you’re looking for ways to save your business money in the long-run, having your dust tested is an easy way to do so. Although most insurance companies do their best to give companies the best quotes, it’s easier for them to make a clear and conscious decision based on the safety of your facility. 

If routine dust tests are in place, insurance firms are able to determine the risk involved in insuring the business and what coverage needs to be considered. When your company is taking safety precautions seriously, insurance coverage will be much less expensive, because you will need less coverage.  

2. Equipment

Dust testing can also have a large effect on the equipment inside your facility. Regardless of the size of the equipment you operate on a regular basis, having your dust tested can positively affect the environment of your building.

Save money

One way that dust testing can affect your equipment is the money you spend maintaining it. Safety regulations are in place for the benefit of your company, and that is exactly what dust testing does. If the machines in your facility are not routinely checked for dust accumulation, you are bound to lose more money than you gain. Dust checks can prevent you from having to:

  • Purchase equipment more frequently due to failure
  • Overinsure your equipment
  • Pay money due to workers injured on the job

Save lives

When you run a facility that is filled with employees working alongside machines, safety should be of the utmost importance. Not only are you maintaining careers, you are also maintaining lives. The safety of your employees is incredibly important and can be enhanced by having the dust in your facility checked. Thousands of workers have lost their lives due to explosions, machine failures, and more. Dust checking can prevent this from happening to your business. 

Save time

Having a routine dust check can save you and your employees an immense amount of time. Instead of continuously pushing back the maintenance of your building, implement a dust check and save the time that you could spend elsewhere. Having your dust checked can prevent you from spending time purchasing, cleaning, and repairing equipment in your facility.

Bedson Reps Dust Collection System

3. Filters

Knowing about the dust in your facility can help you stay informed on what filter media you need for your equipment. In many instances, filters can help prevent explosions and fires from occuring. 

Every business should invest in the maintenance and upkeep of dust filters. Fortunately, there are filters of every shape, size, and material that work specifically for different environments. Knowing about the dust in your workplace will allow you to know which filters work best for your workplace environment, and save money down the road. 

Bedson Reps offers a variety of dust collection systems including:

4. NFPA Standard

The National Fire Protection Association works to prevent and protect businesses from experiencing an explosion, fire, or other tragedy from happening due to an unsafe workplace. Testing your dust can help you and your employees stay in the know about what precautions and measures need to be taken in order to ensure safety.

The NFPA’s sets guidelines for regulating combustible dust and how to safely prevent certain events from happening. These standards are upheld by thousands of businesses who consider their facility and employees’ lives of high importance. For many places, it is required for businesses to adhere to the NFPA’s standards. Workplace safety is important and can be upheld by implementing these requirements. 

To learn more about the NFPA’s standards, visit their website here.


NFPA standards are used by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration in order to charge business owners for not implementing safety precautions and creating a high-risk environment for their employees. 

OSHA has 3 programs that work to protect employees from dangerous work conditions. Their goal is to help employers and employees’ lives easier by eliminating the worry that a tragedy might occur at their facility. OSHA offers training resources, enforcement programs, and employer/employee help. They also respond to deaths, tragedies, and accusations.

Find out more about standards and regulations that the Occupational Safety and Health Administration uphold by visiting their website.  


Dust Collection System for Warehouse

Bedson Reps | Dust Collection Systems Near You

Testing your dust can help save money, time, and lives. With regulations and standards set in place, you can rest comfortably that you can prevent catastrophes from happening. Bedson Reps provides employers with the tips, tricks, and tools they need to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Our wide range of products will help ensure that you have what you need to ensure the safety of your employees.

We recently completed a dust collection project for an organization in Cleveland, Tennessee that found portable dust collectors to be inefficient for their needs. In addition to working with their team to design a custom dust collection system which met their specific needs, we were the only industrial equipment provider willing to perform an on-site visit.

Interested in learning more about how a Bedson Reps dust collection system can help your company? To get a quote or talk to one of our team members about dust testing, contact us today. 

Posted by Larry Bennett at 7:57 AM

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