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3 Foolproof Ways to Increase Factory Efficiency

With budgets tightening and resources dwindling, it's important to always look at new ways to create efficiency, streamline costs and cut away clutter and unnecessary fat. Overloading your resources can cause your budgets to tip the scales and fog up production, while maintaining a trim production process can relieve pressure on employees, budget and overall stress in the factory environment. Below are three ways we can help you cut factory costs and save on your bottom line in 2015.


High volume, low speed fans are a great way to provide ventilation for your factory at a low cost. New products hitting the market, such as the Macro Air Airvolution fans are created with a smaller, more efficient motor, that powers the fan at a fraction of the cost of other industrial options.

Using motors that run efficiently significantly reduce costs and down-time, and increase productivity. HVLS fans also reduce the need for larger scale HVAC systems as they can keep air movement and temperature down. In fact, HVLS fans are proven to provide more airflow than small high speed fans, and regulate the temperature quicker.

Reusable Oil Mist Capture

If you are using a mist or oil collection system in your facility, you probably find yourself questioning the waste and chemicals that leave your facility. Waste disposal is not cheap, and if there's anything you could do to eliminate the amount of waste, you'd jump at the chance, right?

Enter the JW Alum MM800. As oil mist or smoke is entering the atmosphere via it's draining system, the MM800 connects to a hood over the system, reclaiming the reusable mist and filtering it back into the process for reuse, rather than transferring it as waste.

This system can potentially reuse oil up to three times before being disposed, effectively reducing waste that can be costly.

HVAC Systems

Heating and cooling your facility can account for more than 30% of factory utility costs. Having an up-to-date, well-designed system can reduce costs and implement saving techniques that control and contain air, increasing their efficiency. Often times a great HVAC system is in place, but lack of proper sealing around doors, frames or windows can contribute to energy loss and higher costs.

A well-designed system looks at potential threats such as these broken seals or inefficient room setups and minimizes their impact, while distributing air flow uniformly throughout the facility. Additionally, recovery ventilation systems can work to reclaim waste energy from exhaust, to heat outgoing air.

Adding in these and other energy efficient components to your factory lines can aide your company's bottom line and increase a healthier, more reliant workplace for your crew. To learn more about any of the above systems or to hear other ways your facility can become more efficient, click here to contact the team at Bedson Reps or give us a call toll free at 800.443.5858
Posted by Larry Bennett at 1:39 PM

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