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History of Bedson Reps

Bedson REPS was founded in 1976 when John Grayson and Jim Bedwell bought an existing company and transformed it into an industrial ventilation and dust collection business. Larry Bennett and Bill McWatters bought the company in May 2004 from John Grayson and expanded it in the direction of reliable environmental products and services.

Both Bill and Larry entered the business with strong HVAC backgrounds and the industry naturally pushed them in the direction of environmentally friendly and sound products. In December 2007, they moved into their current office providing more office space and a warehouse at their disposal.

Bedson REPS is driven to find the solution to your problem from warehouse ventilation to dust collection. Because we offer a large and diverse product line to accommodate our variety of customers, we can help solve all aspects of your problem.

We won’t just send you on your way after selling you a dust collector. We want to make sure you get the proper duct work and installation in place for ideal function. This gives you the opportunity to get your complete solution all in one place.

You know there is something special about a company when you call for a quote and you get one of the owners on the other end of the phone. We take a hands-on approach that most companies shy away from. Our helpful and friendly staff will come visit you at your work site to assess your problem and make sure we take the solution in the right direction.

We will never sell you too much or too little of what you need. Bedson REPS is a company not only dedicated to great environmentally responsible products, but also to offering our customers the best solution to their problems.


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